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Steel jacket – post workout formula with quad phase carb blend containing cluster dextrin, modcarb, carb10 and dextrose to speed recovery. Creatine HCL + glutamine + BCAA + coconut water.

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• Quad stage carb blend: Full range carbohydrate replenishment with sustained release. Unique whole grain carb technology helping to modulate glucose absorption extending athletic performance and preventing subsequent “sugar crash”. Rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen levels facilitating uptake of creatine and carnitine by muscle fibers. • Creatine size and strength compound: Containing both creatine monohydrate and creatine HCL combined with synergistic ingredients to maximize absorption, cell volume and recovery. • Instantized BCAA blend: A full 5g of BCAA’s in perfectly balanced 2:1:1 ratio clinically proven to produce muscle glycogen and reduce protein breakdown during intense workouts. Ultra rapid absorption for immediate strength boost. • Glutamine complex: 4 phase full spectrum glutamine blend for rapid recovery while boosting immune and digestive function. Increased stamina and muscle endurance. • Electrolyte fusion blend with real coconut water: A unique spectrum of electrolytes perfectly balances to replenish depleted stores, balance fluids and prevent cramping – now with real coconut water powder “mother nature’s sports drink”.

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