Thermogenic fat burner formula with caffeine anhydrous, N-Methyl Tyramine HCL, citrus arantium, rauwolfiaserpentia extract.

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  1. 250mg caffeine anhydrous, clinically shown to trigger thermogenesis, increase energy levels and enhance focus.
  2. 2mg rauwolfia serpentia extract, a novel ingredient that blocks fat creation or lipogenesis especially in the abdomen and glutes.
  3. 50mg higenamine HCL, boosting heart rate and burn body fat by inducing lipolysis.
  4. 20mg hordenine HCL, assists with weight loss, in part, by encouraging the release of norepinephrine, helping to release fat from oxidized fat cells, increasing energy levels, reducing overall fat in the body and controlling appetite.
  5. 100mg citrus aurantium extract 30% synephrin, commonly known as bitter orange, stimulates specific receptors that support the release of fat cells, boosts energy levels and supports appetite control.
  6. 100mg white willow bark extracts 25% salicin. Research suggests this contributes to weight loss and reduces inflammation.
  7. 100mg n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, a modified for of tyrosine containing acetic acid, increasing its bioavailability and absorption – boosting dopamine levels and aiding in the recovery and rebuilding of muscle tissue.


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